Shirdi Sai Baba

|| Jai Sai ||




Main doors of Samadhi temple open.

5.15 AM

Kakad Aarti (Morning Aarti)

6.00 AM

Mangal Snan (Holy bath)

7.00 AM

Pandharpur Aarti

7.10 AM

Darshan begins

7.10 AM 11.45 AM

Darshan continues

12.00 PM

Madhyahan Aarti (Mid-day Aarti)

12.30 PM

Darshan begins

12.30 PM Sun set time6.00 / 6.30 PM)

Darshan continues

6.00/ 6.30 PM

Dhup Aarti (Sunset time)

Around 6.45 PM till 9.30 PM

Darshan continues

10.00 PM

Shej Aarti (Night Aarti)

10.20 PM

Temple Closes




Samadhi Mandir is opened at 5.00 AM as “Utha utha Sakala Jana” a melodious prayer is played on audio cassette. Exactly at 5.15AM Kakad Aarti  begins as a request to Lord Sai to wake up and give His merciful glances to His devotees.

After the Kakad Aarti, the Samadhi and the Idol of Shri Sai is offered Mangal Snan (Holy bath) with milk, curd, honey, sugar, ghee and warm perfumed water. After this Baba is offered Shodashopachar pooja (complete formal worship prescribed in Hindu scriptures).

Offerings and presentations to Baba are accepted from 7.00 AM till before night aarti (i.e. at 10 PM) except during Aartis. Offerings like flowers, garlands, coconut, sweets and other related materials can be purchased from the nearby shops in and around temple complex.

Programme for mass Abhishek starts at 8.00 AM. In case of unmanageable crowds this programme is not performed. Between 12 and 12.30 PM Noon arati is performed.

In the evening at sunset ‘Dhoop Aarti
’ is performed, the time changes according to inclination of Sun through different seasons. After the aarti devotees perform programme of devotional music. Permission to present such performance has to be obtained from the Temple-in-charge at the office of the Trust.

At 10PM ‘
Shej Arati’ is offered. As Shri Sai Baba retires for the day. A mosquito net is put over the idol of Shri Sai. A jug of water is also kept on the dais of Samadhi. Every Thursday and on special days Shri Sai Baba’s padukas (sacred foot wear) are kept in palanquin along with his portrait, a regal procession is taken from Samadhi Mandir to DwarkaMai and Chawri.